Send a message to COP26

Building on the success of the award-winning Light It Forward campaign, the University of St Andrews and Liter of Light are teaming up to launch Human-Powered Messages of Hope for COP26.

We want your help to send a message to the leaders and policy makers at the COP26 climate change conference, straight from the students at St Andrews.

Send us your Twitter-style messages and we will turn as many as we can into large solar-powered billboards to share your hopes and the action you want to see from COP26.

How does it work?

Simple – all you need to do is:
1. Come up with your Twitter-sized message*, then
2. Share your message with us by tagging us on Instagram @uniofstandrews or Twitter @univofstandrews
3. Make sure to include the hashtag #COP26

*Each message will work like Twitter but we think short, punchy messages are best. Aim for about 35 characters long.

Don’t forget to share @literoflight on social and spread the word about their mission

Liter of Light is a global, grassroots movement committed to providing affordable, sustainable solar light to people with limited or no access to electricity. All of the lights used in this campaign will go to Senegal, allowing people to remove dangerous, expensive and dirty kerosene lamps from their homes and providing clean and sustainable solar light